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From: rsalz@bbn.com (Rich Salz)
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Subject: Dialup IP release
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Date: 14 Jan 91 22:24:39 GMT
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Organization: BBN Systems and Technologies, Cambridge MA
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Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc., and CREN/CSNET are pleased to announce the
first public release of Dialup IP.  The code works in binary-only
BSD-derived sytems; we have installed it on Ultrix3.x systems, 4.3BSD
systems, and Sun's running 3.5.

Dialup IP is a driver that sends IP datagrams over SLIP connections.  A
flexible scripting language is provided to initiate a call and negotiate
the login process on the remote host.

The biggest advantage of this package over some other serial line IP
systems is that Dialup IP will automatically initiate or disconnect phone
calls as needed.  When the line becomes inactive (based on a settable
timeout), Dialup IP will hang up the line.  Connections can be brought up
manually, or automatically when the network needs to send a packet to the
remote host.  In addition, the automatic calling can be subject to access
controls based on the source or destination system or network, as well as
the network protocol being used and the current time of day.  This can be
useful, for example, to prevent FTP requests on "student systems" from
incurring long-distance phone charges.

Dialup IP may be freely redistributed, under the same terms as the BSD
"freed" software.  Copies are available by FTP on bbn.com in
pub/dialupip.tar.Z and on uunet.uu.net in pub/networking/dialupip.tar.Z.
Please do not ask us to send tapes or send it via email.

We cannot provide any official support or maintenance, but are interested
in hearing of any bugs, added features, or ports to new platforms, and
might coordinate a new release.  We have provided the BSD developers with
a copy of the package, and they expect to integrate it into an upcoming

A mailing list has been created to discuss Dialup IP; write to
 to be added to it.

Rich $alz ,
John Curran 
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